Journal "Machine drives and parts"
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Journal "Machine drives and parts"

Dear colleagues and friends!

The journal "Machine drives and parts", which is published since 2011, is targeted at professionals of all sectors. It acquaints its readers with technical innovations, developments and research in the field of actuators, mechanisms, units and parts of machines. Thematic sections are devoted to the improvement of their designs, calculations, testing, production, repair and restoration.

The content of the journal covers all types of drives - electrical, electromechanical, thermal, hydraulic and pneumatic, as well as their control systems and automation. It presents all the variety of transfer mechanisms: hydraulic, toothed, worm, ball, chain, belt and other gear. In the journal you obtain information about the components of machines and running gear wheels, worms, chains, sprockets, pulleys, shafts, axles, brakes, clutches, bearings, springs, other components and parts, parts connections, etc.

The journal covers the design tools and the visualization of this process, addresses the issues of technical regulation, certification, metrology, verification, scientific, technical and information support, education, training and professional development. It provides publications about the market of drive technology, its manufacturers, interviews with scientists, designers, business leaders, expert advice, information about the dissertation defense and granted patents, exhibitions reviews, posting ads, advertising and other relevant information.

We are looking forward to the interest in the new professional edition of and cooperation with specialists working in the field of drive technology and productive meetings with readers and subscribers, authors of publications on contemporary problems of development of the technology.